It’s been fun rediscovering my story. And thankfully, I still like this story. The last time I wrote an MS, I was about 70% done with it when I started in on the edits and it was dreadful. I think I wanted so badly for it work, but the main character (no matter how hard I tried) came across whiny and the plot was so dry. This story didn’t have as much research initially, but I had a clear idea of where it was headed. So far, it’s not disappointing me. There is much to be done for enrichment- bringing the bones to life. That tends to be my way. I get the rough ideas down and then I have to breathe into it, wake the characters and setting up.

I still have many miles to go, but I’ll try to update here once a week.

Bonus fun fact: that picture in the header is from one of the scenes in the book.