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I’ve been trudging through the edits and one of the things I secretly feared was that there wasn’t enough going on. I couldn’t be sure there were enough sub-plots, and character changes happening until I sat down and wrote them out. I rooted around a few websites and blog posts looking for useful information and was able to identify a few of the plot types in my story but this quirky post was actually quite useful so I’m sharing it. My last WIP was definitely modeled on the Hero’s Journey but I knew this story wasn’t, but I couldn’t quite sort it out until I read this. So Veronica Sicoe, many thanks. You’ve saved me a bit of work and right now, that’s worth a lot.

This is the link to her post: The 3 Types of Character Arc– Change, Growth, and Fall– Veronica Sicoe

Now, onto setting. I really thought I’d done better at that, but it’s stark stark stark.

Editing Wellies on. Forward!

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  1. Veronica Sicoe

    Thanks for the mention, Lynn!

    I’m glad you found my post on character arcs useful. I had to do quite some digging and analyzing myself to realize why my protagonist wasn’t quite a “hero”. šŸ™‚

    Good luck with your novel and your other projects.

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