Never let your domain name expire, a cautionary tale

Hello dear readers,

I learned a valuable (on many levels) lesson.  As expensive as domain names can become, especially .com’s, it is far better to go through whatever hoops are necessary to transfer ownership or renew, than it is to let it expire.

To illustrate, my cautionary tale:

I have a separate web-host from my domain-host. Initially, this was the bargain way to go. I’d secured my domain a long time ago (you know, in the delusion that in no time I’d be cranking out bestsellers, or at the very least, have throngs of lit-thirsty readers eager to see what treasure I had for them on my blog). This is wise if you think you’ll have a web-presence for any particular reason because there are lovely beasts called “domain squatters” out there. They snatch-up domains like, that may not appeal to anyone but Percival Herbert Quiggins III, but there’s a good chance that if Percy doesn’t snag his domain before his name gets out there as the best R&B artist of all time, then he might have to pay a pretty penny post-fame. So even if (:coughs: like me) your domain sits around largely unused for a while, it’s still a good idea to snag your desired domain as early as you can.

Over time, though, I realized the price for renewing my domain through my current domain-host was pricier and pricier. And I thought, gee, the cost of new domains through my web-host is cheaper than through my domain-host, so…. heh, heh, heh… I’ll let my domain expire, then buy it through my web-host! GENIUS!!! Only not.

As it turns out, after I’d decided upon my nefarious scheme, I learned it wasn’t such a good idea.

My domain was well past the “expired” state and into “pending deletion” state, and the cost of reinstating now was going up, up, up. That’s when I started reading up on expired and deleted domains and discovered that in the brief window (about 3hrs long?) between being fully deleted as a domain and reinstated as a domain, swarms of domain-snatcher-uppers swoop in and fight with each other to snag an expired domain that maybe, just maybe, someone will be willing to pay good money for. Holy Fright! What to do?

As it turned out, my domain-host had the ability to back-order an expired domain and I figured since it was hosted through them, they might be able to get in the front of the line and get it back. I was right. Thankfully. But it cost me twice as much as renewing it would have been. Don’t worry, the domain-host didn’t mind. It also cost more than it would have if I’d properly transferred it to my web-host.

So… the ramifications? A long time of my website being down (over 2 months). Hours spent revising (thankfully, I’d been good about backing things up along the way) and getting my website back to a spiffy status. And let’s not forget the emotional toll (priceless).

Don’t make my mistake. Take care of your domain.

2 thoughts on “Never let your domain name expire, a cautionary tale

  1. Joy Avery Melville

    WISH I’D SEEN THIS LAST WEEK!!!!!! GREAT POST Lynn…..I’m in a vat of deep deep vinegar because I did NOT know this before LAST FRIDAY!
    Thanks for educating on this subject!!!



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